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Brass Man Reptiles

2023 Female Pastel SUPER EMG Het Clown

2023 Female Pastel SUPER EMG Het Clown

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Here's a super unique Ball Python.  The EMG Gene is still new and untapped, and the SUPER form is still quite new too!  Originating from NERD, EMG brings in a lot of contrast, deepens black color, creates odd patterns, lightened head blushing, and eye color - and we're still figuring it out!  The Super form intensifies the aforementioned differences, as well as adds a dorsal stripe.  Though broken up, you can clearly see it down the back.  This also translates into other morphs as it's been produced in Clown combos as well.  Now's your chance to get into a newer project and see the full potential of it! Feeding on F/T Rat pups.




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