Amazon Tree Boas (Corallus hortulanus) have become a focal point of my collection.  These stunning snakes are often overlooked, and deemed aggressive, and "bitey" - when in actuality, they are very much misunderstood.  

Amazon Tree Boas are a South American species often imported into the US for the pet trade.  Over the years a handful of keepers have put the time into this species to establish imports and begin captive breeding them.  The species is known for its striking color variations that are largely naturally occurring.  There are a few true "morphs" including: Tiger, Leopard, Red/Calico, and arguably "Halloween" - but the vast majority of the colors are naturally occurring and are largely based in lineage.  For example, a patternless red animal produced from patternless red parents, that were also produced by patternless red parents would have a higher propensity to produce patternless red offspring.  

Below are pictures of my adult and future breeder animals.  Here you'll be able to find parent pictures for available offspring.  You'll also be able to see lineage info on applicable animals (grand parents, etc.)




 "Carnage" - Imported Red Calico"Zoro" - Imported Red Calico"Red Devil" - Imported Red Calico "King" - Imported Bicolor  "Copper" - Imported Bicolor"Menace" - Red Paradox Halloween





"No Name" - CB Red Calico (Prod. By: Keith McPeek by way of John Martin)

"Bloodletter" -CB Red (Calico?) (Prod. By: Brandon Kreis [Atomic X Trix] The Dark Grove Lineage

"No Name" - Imported Red Calico

"No Name" - Imported Unique high red bicolor

"No Name" - Imported Bicolor "No Name" - CB Bicolor (Prod. By: Jeff Godbold [Sunshine X Foga])

"No Name" - Imported "Red/Calico" Garden

"Tigress" - CB Yellow Tiger (By way of Ryan Martinez)

"No Name" - CB Tricolor Tiger (Prod. By: Randy Pegues [ Hellboy X BooYa])